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Pin Code & Post Office Locator is the largest Indian Pin code Search Engine that provides accurate information about the Pin codes of post offices all across India. It is almost impossible to recall the Pin code of a locality in a city, town, or village; similarly, it is almost impossible to identify a place just by its Pincode. You may search over 19K Pin codes, and Indian Post Offices addresses in India.

About Indian Pin Code System

PIN code in India is a 6 digit ‘Postal Index Number’ introduced on August 15, 1972, by Shriram Bhikaji Velankar to inform about a post office in a particular region. The post office numbering makes the postal services in India more systematic, efficient, and fast. There are 19100 PIN Codes in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a valid PIN code?

Valid PIN code in India has six digits.

How is the PIN code assigned to a particular post office in India? How can I decode a PIN code?

The 1st digit of the PIN code informas about the zone. The 2nd digit indicates the sub-zone. The 3rd digit, clubbed with the first two digits, informs about the post sorting district in a particular zone. The last three digits inform about the individual post offices in a sorting district.

How does PIN code system work in India?

PIN code system divides India into five regions - North, South, East, West, and Army. Each region has a unique number. It facilitates for expedited postal services.

Is the PIN code a unique number?

No, these numbers are not unique. Each nation has own PIN code system. Sometimes, PIN code of one country matches the PIN code of another country. To be sure to guide the postal services for the right destination, use the country name also after the PIN code.

What is a delivery PIN code?

It is the PIN code assigned specially for Prepaid orders. It is the PIN code where you want your product to be delivered.

How much area is assigned to a single PIN code?

On an average, 82.71 sq km area is assigned to a single PIN code.

What is the difference between the PIN code and Zipcode?

Pin Code is a unique identification number issued by the Indian Post system to a postal area. Zipcode is a unique identification number being used in the United State of America since 1963 to indicate a particular postal area

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